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Man who delivers free food to hospitals

Man who delivers free food to hospitals

Have you heard of Hemant Patel? Every day he goes to the VS Hospital in Ahmedabad at 7 pm carrying home-made food for more than 400 people. He distributes all of this food at the hospital to the poor relatives of patients without taking any money. The retired engineer does not hold back in supplying great food. His wife makes the meals which includes roti, sabji, khichdi and sweets.

Hemant’s initiative to provide food was inspired because of the 2002 riots. At the time of 2002 riots, there was a curfew in the city. Due to that, the restaurants and shops were closed down. The relatives of patients who are admitted to VS Hospital faced a lot trouble as they couldn’t get any food to eat.

Hemant saw that many relatives of patients were desperately searching for food. Most of them were poor. This was the time when he decided to provide food to the relatives of patients daily at the hospital.

He started the service in 2002. At first, he used to charge a token sum for the tiffin. However, he is now providing food for free. Every evening, he gives free food to around 400 people at the hospital in evening.

He wants to maintain the taste and hygiene of the food even though he provides it for free. He gives Roti, Sabji, Khichdi and sweets. In order to maintain hygiene, the food is prepared by himself and his wife at home.

Hemant spends about Rs. 90,000 to provide food. When it is the time of festival, he also provides sweets.

He doesn’t care what religion others are and serves food equally to all. Even when he was forced to stop serving to Muslims, he refused to do so. That is not all, he visits slum areas once every month and serves food there too.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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