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Burrp – A local food finding app

Burrp – local food finding app

Burrp is a Mumbai based startup. It is a recommendation engine about local food and restaurants. This app which helps in finding local food and restaurant recommendations. Anyone who wants to find a place to eat can use Burrp.

The app covers 14 cities in India and is planning to expand to 35 cities in the next two years. The company aims to improve the experience of food and eating outside for its customers. They want to improve the value for HoReCa merchants through data and technology.

Burrp has the aim of being the most trusted brand in food tech. They want to make their app help customers get convenience, complete control and freedom.

Burrp boasts of having workers who are a mix of foodies, developers, engineers, and artists. The company has a small teal of 180 people working across 6 cities. The company wants to expand their app even more now.

In order to use the service, the user has to go to the website or download the app. The user will have to select their city and he/she will be provided with a list of hotels. Various restaurant recommendations are given to the user on the home page.

Once the user clicks on a particular restaurant, they will be provided with a brief description of the restaurant. The timings of the restaurant, the rating and the prices there will be given. One can even find the menu card of the restaurant. Various features of the restaurant are also listed.

Users can click on the ‘offers’ panel to find any offers that might be available for the restaurant. If you are interested, you can even leave tips about a particular restaurant. It could be about best foods available there or best timings to visit.

Users can also find various pictures of the restaurant to get an idea about it. If you have visited a particular restaurant, you can leave a review of the place.

Image Reference: Burrp.com

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