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This maid made her son a judge

This maid made her son a judge

Here is an inspiring story of a woman who made her son a district judge by working as a maid in the neighbours’ homes.

Her name is Gokavarapu Revathi. She hails from West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. She got married in her teenage.

However, she was estranged by her husband after the birth of two children when her son was seven-year-old.

But, she was supported by her father and he upheld her until his death. After his death, Revathi became an orphan.

She did not have much education. She only knows cooking and domestic work. So, she started working as a maid and a cook in the surrounding homes.

She hardly earned money with those works to feed her children. Her children used to wear old clothes that were given by her masters where she was working.

She starved for several times due to lack of food after feeding her daughter and son. Not just that, she also faced several other hurdles in this course. Her face got burnt while she was cooking in someone’s home.

At that time, she did not have money to go to hospital. Then, her neighbours helped her. After the incident, she could not go to work for several months. Yet, she managed life with her small savings.

Her hardships were not wasted. Her children observed her and they always tried to be the toppers of the class.

Her son, who was the eldest of the children used to help her with his earning while he was studying. He passed his LLB and joined as a clerk at a lawyer in Bhimavaram.

Her daughter got married. Their financial status improved. Her son had written exams to become a Civil Judge but did not succeed in his first attempt.

This maid made her son a judge

This maid made her son a judge

He was depressed with the result. But she supported and encouraged him.

After attempting for four years, her son Gokavarapu Srinivas stood in the second place in the exams of District Judge that had been conducted in United Andhra Pradesh in 2011.

Currently, he is working as a District Judge in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh.

Both the mother and son never forgot their roots. They always respond to the problems of poor people. They are ready to stretch their helping hand to the people in need.



Image Reference: The Eenadu, Samayam

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