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Lady Cook wins one crore in KBC

Lady Cook wins one crore in KBC

Babita Tade, a cook who earns just ₹1,500 per month has become the headlines of the news now by winning one crore rupees in Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC).

She became the second one to win the prize money of ₹1 core after Sanoj Raj in the KBC season 11.

Sony TV has released the promo of her winning video. As soon as it released, it went viral and Babita became a celebrity. She won the hearts of several people in the country even before the episode telecasted on the channel.

Babita hailed from a village in Amravati. She cooks for government school children and earns ₹1,500 per month.

Babita loves her job of cooking for the school children despite earning a meagre income.

She got married during her second year of graduation but continued her studies after marriage with the support of her husband and in-laws. She completed her post-graduation with the support of her family members.

When asked about the questions in the KBC, she said that the question for ₹1 crore was very difficult and she used the lifeline for it as she did not remember the answer properly.

She read newspapers and watched the news on TV rather than soaps. She discusses the things she watches or reads with her family members which is why she can remember things easily.

Babita’s family is facing several financial hardships. She does not even have a personal mobile phone. She expressed her desire to have a personal mobile phone as the entire family has only one phone.

She was gifted a mobile phone by the makers of the show.

She wants to build a school and temple with some of the prize money. She would like to spend the rest of the money for her family.

She wants to support her husband in all the possible ways she can as he has struggled a lot.

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