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Karnataka woman designs breastmilk jewellery

Karnataka woman designs breastmilk jewellery

Nowadays, parents try to provide everything for their children. Besides, they want to preserve their childhood memories forever.

To help such parents, this Karnataka woman came up with a novel solution. Namitha Naveen from Bengaluru designs breastmilk jewellery. As a mother, Namitha wanted to preserve the memories of her son. These include umbilical cord, first cut nails and hair, milk teeth etc.

Before making breastmilk jewellery, she researched a lot. She searched on the internet for around six months to preserve these things. One of the toughest tasks was that preserving milk from spoiling or turning its colour to black or brown. She succeeded in her efforts. She says that the process is very tedious which involves many steps. She designed it for herself, and she wants to surprise her son by gifting the jewellery on his 18th birthday.

Namitha realized that there were many parents like her. Though several parents want to preserve the memories of their newborns for a long time, it is difficult to do so as they will get lost after a certain period. Hence, Namitha preserves in the form of jewellery and keepsakes. She launched Mumma’s Milkytale jewels for them.

Many young and new mothers like the idea of Namitha. Most of her clients are young mothers. She has clients from all over the country.

Namitha gets jewellery made from a jeweller to preserve the breast milk or baby’s nails, hair or umbilical cord. She offers silver and gold-coated jewellery. The cost of the jewellery is in the range of ₹1,300 to ₹3,500. Besides, customized jewellery are also made. They are charged as per their weight and cost of making.

Namitha is happy for helping many parents cherish the memories of their children. This process also involves the emotions of parents. Some parents ask her to make jewellery using their departed child’s umbilical cord or such things.

Image Credit: Mumma’s Milkytale on Facebook

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