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Karimul Haque – Bike Ambulance Dada

Karimul Haque – Bike Ambulance Dada

Everybody has some problems in their lives. While some people try to find solutions, others step forward to apply the solutions to help others who have trouble with the same problems.

Karimul Haque is one among them. This 55-year-old man is fondly known as ‘Bike Ambulance Dada’ in his area.

Karim ferried more than 5,000 patients in his bike ambulance from around 20 villages in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. He was awarded a Padma Shri for his selfless service.

Karimul’s services started after he lost his mother due to the non-availability of an ambulance on time to move her to the hospital.

He then decided that no one should die due to a lack of treatment. His services started by carrying his fellow worker to a hospital. One day when Karimul was working in the tea garden, he saw his fellow worker collapse. Without a second thought, Karimul tied him to his back to take him to a hospital. Since then, his services have been continuing.

With the limited resources available, Karimul found a solution. As the roads in his area are not good for larger vehicles like conventional ambulances, Karimul decided to use his motorbike as an ambulance. Besides, the rivers overflow on the roads. So, he wanted to use his bike to ferry patients. Karimul modified his bike by attaching extra arrangements to ferry patients to the hospital. Many people laughed at him and mocked him for his attempt. But, slowly, they changed their mind due to his selfless services to patients. Now, many people are using his services.

Later, Karimul and his sons were trained in basic first aid to patients. He is organizing health camps in his village to solve minor health issues of villagers. He also dedicated a part of his house to serve as a hospital for patients. He also got trained in administering saline to patients in case of emergencies.

He distributed rice to more than 1,000 families during the lockdown. He also served cooked meals to migrant labourers and their families.

Image Credit: Ambulance Dada on Facebook

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