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NGO uses bike ambulance and provides shelter to homeless

NGO uses bike ambulance and provides shelter to homeless

The first hours in accidents are called ‘golden hours’ as they are crucial for the survival of patients. If medical assistance is provided for them, the chances of survival will be improved. Ambulance service plays a vital role in the time of medical emergencies.

However, most accident victims are not getting ambulance services. Even though some of them get ambulance services, many of them are not receiving further medical treatment.

The main reason is that most current ambulances are four-wheelers; they are unable to reach on time due to heavy traffic and busy roads.

To overcome this, two-wheeler or bike ambulance services came.

This Hyderabad based NGO is one that offers bike ambulance services to rescue wounded people.

Two-wheelers are faster on the road and can reach destinations easier than conventional ambulances.

Recently, a 72-year old man from Kacheguda, Hyderabad was found begging. He had a severe wound.

When some of the locals called for ambulance services to him, an ambulance came for his help.

However, the old man was denied help as he did not have enough money.

At that time, this NGO, Good Samaritans India came forward to help him.

George Rakesh Babu is the founder of this NGO. He is also the director of the Human Rights Organisation.

George on the incident said that when they saw the man with severe wounds, they immediately carried him on a bike ambulance.

It was the first time for the NGO to use the bike ambulance as paramedics told them that the man needed immediate medical help.

However, the NGO has extended this bike ambulance services to many old age homes that are not able to afford normal ambulance services.

Good Samaritans India also provides shelter to elderly and homeless people. It also offers help to abandoned people.

Image Reference: Indiatimes

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