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Inspiring story of a taxi driver

Inspiring story of a taxi driver

Normally, it is the tendency for cab drivers to cause more complaint than praise from their customers.

They often may do such things as attempting to bump the price of the journey, requesting charges as additions, and even cancelling the booking of the customer just because they do not like their destinations.

Many also have bad manners and temperament, starting the very conversations with the driver with price or journey conditions.

However, this particular cab driver aims to help society, and in his deed, left a woman and her parents in utter amazement.

Kavya Rao’s father had needed to go to their hospital for a checkup one day, so she booked a cab for herself and her parents to get there, a prime sedan.

The driver arrived right on time and dropped her and her parents at the hospital directly. The trip was a cash one, the price being ₹140.

However, when Rao’s mother tried to pay the driver, he refused to take the money from her, and said how he does not take money for hospital trips as to help society.

Taken aback, her mother asked him to at least take the petrol expense part of the bill, but he refused even that, and then left them.

Inspiring story of a taxi driver

Inspiring story of a taxi driver

Rao and her parents were shocked and touched by such a nature as his, and coming from a cab driver at that.

She herself called the company, Ola Cabs, to track down the man, named Sunil, in order to thank him personally. Having called the company with complaints before, this time she called with praise, saying that Sunil was “a gem”.

She appreciates that there are people like that in a society where things are normally so tense, and gives Sunil her blessing for it.

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