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Petrol and diesel likely to deliver at your doorsteps

Petrol and diesel likely to deliver at your doorsteps

Have you ever thought of getting home delivery of petrol like groceries and vegetables? Do you think it is impossible? It may be impossible right now, but it will be possible in future.

It is quite common for most people to refill their fuel tank when it is about to be empty. If their estimation is wrong about their fuel volume, they need to go to petrol pumps with bottles as their vehicle stops functioning due to empty tank.

Or if the vehicle suddenly stops on road as there is no fuel in the tank, then it causes a lot of trouble to the riders as they have to push their vehicles till the petrol station. Suppose, if there are no petrol filling stations in nearby areas where the vehicle stops, imagine the situation of the rider.

This might not be common, but now and then it happens to bike riders.

So, next time you need not worry in such situations. You can simply book for your fuel to be delivered to your home. Interesting, right?

Yesterday the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas stated that they are anticipating to deliver fuel at the doorsteps of consumers to save their time. Yet, the petrol products are delivered only on pre booking. The ministry expects that this will help consumers in saving their time and avoiding long-standing queues.

This information is revealed in a series of tweets by the Petroleum Ministry.

Earlier, the petrol pump retailers stated that they are going to close their fuel stations on Sundays from May 14 due to their increasing operating costs and not getting enough margin.

The Ministry criticized it saying that this decision will cause a lot of inconvenience to consumers.

All southern states except Karnataka decided to close their shutters on Sundays. Parts of Karnataka including Bengaluru and parts of Maharashtra including Mumbai will also join them.

They demanded higher commission on the petrol products they sell. If the Ministry’s proposal turn into action, consumers will be happy and they do not have to face any inconvenience.

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