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Jio-BP launches premium diesel

Jio-BP launches premium diesel

Jio-bp is the joint venture between Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) and UK’s BP Plc. It has taken a significant step in enhancing diesel standards for Indian consumers with the launch of a new diesel fuel featuring ACTIVE technology.

This advanced diesel is now available at Jio-bp outlets nationwide. It incorporates additives that aim to improve the overall quality and performance of diesel fuel. Also, it provides potential annual savings of up to ₹1.1 lakhs per vehicle for truckers.

Jio-BP is offering this premium diesel that improves fuel economy at regular prices.

This move marks that a premium diesel is being provided at no additional cost in the Indian market.

To sweeten the deal even further, the premium diesel will be initially sold at a discounted rate of ₹1 per litre below the current market rate.

The newly introduced diesel is empowered by ACTIVE technology. This technology will specifically address a common concern among truckers. It is the accumulation of dirt in critical engine parts, particularly fuel injectors.

Modern trucks’ fuel injection systems are susceptible to dirt buildup, resulting in reduced performance.

In addition, it also leads to increased fuel consumption and potentially higher maintenance expenses.

Jio-bp asserts that its diesel, fortified with ACTIVE technology, actively combats engine dirt. Thus, it ensures a cleaner and more efficient engine. Not only does it prevent dirt from accumulating on vital engine components, but it also cleans existing dirt. In this way, it promotes optimal engine performance.

The ACTIVE molecules can adhere to clean metal surfaces within engines, forming a protective layer that prevents dirt from binding onto the metal.

By introducing this additive-enhanced diesel, Jio-bp aims to elevate diesel standards. It also intends to deliver tangible benefits to Indian consumers, particularly truckers.

With improved fuel economy, cleaner engines, and reduced maintenance costs, Jio-bp’s diesel with ACTIVE technology promises to enhance overall efficiency.

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