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Inspiring cancer survivor

Inspiring cancer survivor

Cancer, the dreadful disease not just shakes the victim, but the family members as well. Surviving cancer is a wonderful achievement.

Here is a man who survived cancer four times. Despite his health issues, he did not lose courage and had motivated everyone with his willpower.

Parimal Gandhi, an HRD trainer survived cancer four times. He says that laughter is the best support when life turns upside down.

But all people can’t laugh especially during tough times.

This 66-year-old faced many challenges in his life and remains hopeful by facing them bravely.

Parimal has been facing health issues since 1974. He was diagnosed with bilateral corneal dystrophy at the age of 21 years.

It is a rare eye disorder which hampers vision by clouding the cornea in both eyes. All his aspirations were killed by this diagnosis.

He wanted to become a pilot by joining the Air Force but his impaired eye did not permit it. He already completed three years out of four years of chemical engineering by the time he was diagnosed with the eye disorder. He dropped out to pursue English literature.

His wife and friends helped him by reading the lessons aloud. He won gold medal.

His corneal transplant failed and while he was making arrangements for it again, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease, a type of blood cancer. It was almost 10 years after he was diagnosed with eye dystrophy.

But he was not afraid even though his family members were. With consoling relatives and other close friends, the atmosphere in his house was a funeral-like feeling.

He stopped all that with his courage and positivity. Cancer recurred two times even though he underwent treatment. Later he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Meanwhile, he had to undergo a cardiac bypass surgery while managing his diabetes and hypertension.

Parimal accepted all challenges that life has thrown his way and faced them bravely. His sense of humor is his aide.

He is working as an HRD trainer which keeps him busy. He has trained more than one lakh participants and 1,500 trainers across the globe for Fortune 500 companies.

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