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India’s first teeth archer

India’s first teeth archer

“A teeth archer?” If you are wondering about that, then you have heard it right. He/she is an archer who uses his/her teeth to pull the arrow and shoot the target. Abhishek Thaware holds the title of being the first teeth archer of India.

Despite not having his right hand and leg, he reached the destiny he decided was his. In July 2015, he showed his talent at the Para Archery World Championship trials conducted by the Archery Association of India (AAI).

He won a silver medal at the All India Archery meet for the disabled in Baroda in August 2015. He was placed at 27th at the state archery meet at Solapur in October. In the Nagpur varsity’s inter college meet, he scored 637 out of 720 points in January 2016.

All this he achieved with his unique style of archery. Abhishek is the first teeth archer in India. With just his teeth, he pulls the arrow and hits the target.

When Abhishek was one year old, he had a fever. The doctors at a hospital in Nagpur gave an injection in his right arm. Even though the fever was gone, the injection resulted in an infection of polio to Abhishek’s right arm.

His parents never treated him like a disabled child and he went to a normal school, a decision that Abhishek is happy for. He was very interested in sports. He won several medals in long distance running too.

In October of 2010, he suffered a serious knee injury and he was advised to not run. However, he ran at a state level competition and even though he won a bronze medal his knee did not let him run again.

This is what led him to archery. His right hand did not have enough strength to pull the arrow. However, that did not stop him. Since he could not use his shoulder either, he decided to use his teeth. Thus, he became the first teeth archer of India after his tremendous dedication.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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