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Famous Inspiring Indians with disabilities

Inspiring Indians

Everyone complains about how tough their lives are. But, read on about these Indians who took their disabilities as a challenge rather an excuse.

Sudha Chandran

This Indian actress and classical dancer met with an accident at 16. The doctors missed a small wound in her leg and plastered it. The leg got infected and had to be amputated. The missing leg did not stop her. She used a prosthetic leg and became one of the most popular dancers in the country.

Ravindra Jain

Jain was born with visual imparity. He started singing at a very young age and successfully managed to become one of the most famous music directors in the 1970s.

Girish Sharma

Girish Sharma lost a leg in a train accident in his childhood. This did not stop him from pursuing a sport which needs both legs to play well. He became a badminton champion with his one leg with which he perfectly covers the entire court.

H Ramakrishna

He was affected by polio in his childhood and lost both his legs when he was just a baby at the age of 2. He could not get admitted to a regular school and was denied a job because of his disability. He worked as a journalist for 40 years after a lot of struggle and is now the CEO of SS Music television channel. There are many others with disabilities who succeeded in their life. They prove that disabilities are just a state of mind.

Image Courtesy: Thebetterindia

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