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Indian kid wins junior world golf championship

Indian kid wins junior world golf championship

A young boy hailing from India has won the IMG Academy Junior World Golf Championship for the 9-10 age class in San Diego. The name of the boy is Shubham Jaglan and his story is an inspiration.

Shubham Jaglan hailed from the Panipat district of Haryana and he did not let the dearth of opportunities hinder his drive for achieving greatness. The surprising fact is that his father works as a milkman and is uneducated.

It all started when an NRI designed a golfing range in his home village, Israna. Many youngsters including Shubham got a chance to play golf. The NRI bought the required equipment and a caddie was employed to coach the youngsters.

However, very soon, most of the kids failed to appear to have an interest the sport and left it. So, did the caddie. Shubham had shown such talent in the game. Noticing this interest and his talent, the caddie left the equipment at Shubham’s place.

Shubham practiced where he got space and chance. He honed his bunker shots from a concrete mixer filled with sand, rehearsed chip from a tiny grass strip with holes. Watching many YouTube videos, he learned numerous techniques.

At this point, he caught the attention of India’s top golfer, Nonita Lall Qureshi. She noticed his potential and realised that he was winning every small tournament for kids. She decided to take personal interest in him and support him.

When his family finally to move to maneuver to Delhi so that he may take up golf seriously, The Golf Foundation of Republic of India helped then financially and now he successfully became a champion.

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