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IITian who got a huge package from Google

IITian who got a huge package from Google

In recent days, many IIT students are getting huge salary packages in their campus interviews. But, Ashutosh Agarwal is a guy who made a record with his salary package from search engine giant Google.

Do you know how much was offered by Google to Ashutosh Agarwal? It is an eye popping figure of Rs.1.80 crore per annum. Ashutosh Agarwal is studying computer science at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Patna. This is the highest package that was ever offered in IIT Patna.

Earlier, Google offered huge packages to IIT graduates. Several interns of Google were later offered huge packages to join in Google offices if they had good skills and are found as assets to tech giant.

While he is in his final year of study, he was selected by Google in an off-campus interview. He received an offer letter from Google after which he made celebrations with his friends.

Ashutosh completed a three-month internship at Google New York in the middle of this year. Later, numerous rounds of interviews and telephonic rounds were conducted and finally he was chosen by Google for their company. Due to his coding skills and capabilities in internship, Google offered him a full time job. However, he needs to finish his graduation to work at Google office.

At present, Ashutosh is in his seventh semester and he will have to finish his eighth semester to join in Google office in America. Ashutosh is very excited on getting the opportunity to work with the tech giant. Yet, he felt that it is not the destination and that there is long way to go as he is very young.

This 21-year old guy is a merit student since his childhood. He secured 96.4% in class 10 and 95% in class XII. He is good in extra-curricular activities like debates, elocution, dramatics and computer programming contests. Ashutosh’s father is an entrepreneur. His parents are very happy about his success.

Image Reference: India.com

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