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Hyderabad Man’s journey to South Pole

Hyderabad Man’s journey to South Pole

Sunil Kumar, a man from Hyderabad has decided to not stay in his comfort and instead follow the path of adventure. Leaving behind his normal life, he is preparing to start his expedition to South Pole.

Sunil has a comfortable job in a reputed e-commerce firm, however, his passion for adventure wanted more. So, he is set to leave behind his high paying job of being chartered accountant and travel to Antarctica’s South Pole in January 2018.

He will be part of an expedition group of 10 members. Each of the 10 members were selected from all over the world by Robert Swan, the first person to have travelled to both North and South Pole.

Sunil himself has travelled to Antarctica before. He reached there back in 2015. However, he never reached the South Pole.

He wanted to reach that goal and so now he is representing India in that expedition group.

It was in 2011, that Sunil first heard of Antarctica’s adventurous spirit and got intrigued by it. During a ‘Jagriti Yatra’, a two week-long train journey across the length and breadth of the country, he learned about it and wanted to go there ever since.

Sunil says that this expedition has a cause to it. It was organized to spread awareness among people about climate change. The group will be showing everyone that survival is possible even at the harshest place on the planet using renewable energy.

Hyderabad Man’s journey to South Pole

Hyderabad Man’s journey to South Pole


This means that the group will be surviving entirely on renewable energy. Talking about using the forces of nature to their advantage, he says the group will use the wind energy to walk 100 kilometers per day.

The expedition will also make food using solar energy and bio-fuels. The same will be used to maintain contact with the outer world.

Antarctica will have extreme temperatures ranging from -40 degree to -50 degree Celsius.

The team will be carrying about 80 kgs on their back and do their expedition against wind speeds of 200 miles/hour every day.

Image Reference: Siaset, Uchicago

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