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Heart touching love story of Kerala couple

Heart touching love story of Kerala couple

Generally, love stories either end with the marriage of lovers or with their separation by parents.

But, this love story is entirely different. The tragic part starts after their marriage.

There was no person that was the villain of the story, but destiny played that role.

Shruti and Shan Ibrahim Baadshah are based from Kerala.

They fell in love while they were studying their graduation in the local Co-Operative Arts & Science College, Thrissur, Kerala.

Baadshah wanted to join the army training. Before joining the training in the army, he talked to Shruti’s parents about their marriage. As usual, they rejected his proposal.

He joined in the army for training and she joined in her PG. She said ‘no’ to all the matches that were sought by her parents.

Baadshah returned after finishing his army training. His parents also objected to their marriage as Shruti is a Hindu. They demanded for her religion conversion.

Both decided to marry despite their elders’ objection under Special Marriage Act on November 1, 2017.

They started their new life in Secunderabad army quarters as Baadshah is an army employee. They wanted to convince their parents slowly.

In the meantime, Shruti was attacked with a tumor on her neck which spread to her stomach too.

The couple went to a hospital where she was given medicines which did not relieve her pain.

They visited another hospital where she was diagnosed with Tuberculosis and given medicines for that.

But, she was not cured. The couple went to Thrissur. Both their parents visited their home due to her health condition.

Heart touching love story of Kerala couple

Heart touching love story of Kerala couple

There at a hospital, Shruti was diagnosed with lymphoma stage IV. She underwent 10 chemotherapies after which her hair fall was severe and she was very weak.

Then, he clean shaved her head. He also shaved his head clean for her.

As she needs some more chemotherapies, the couple is not in a position to afford lakhs of rupees for her treatment.

Baadshah is a good artist. He started selling his paintings through Facebook by sharing his heart touching love story on their first marriage anniversary.

Several donors are responding to the couple by stretching their helping hands.

The couple believes that she will completely recover with the blessings of Good Samaritans.

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