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Gujarat woman designs grow your own kit of vegetables

Gujarat woman designs grow your own kit of veggies

Many people want to grow vegetables in their home garden.

Avanee Jain is also one among them. Her interest in agriculture developed in her childhood due to her innumerable trips to her grandfather’s farms.

She completed her B.Arch in 2000 and worked for a couple of years. Then, she resigned her job to raise her children.

Avanee decided to come back to her work when her children became old enough.

She had chosen gardening and started growing vegetables on their plot of 50,000 sq ft.

Avanee acquired farming knowledge from her grandfather.

She researched on the internet and integrated it with her farming knowledge and started growing seasonal vegetables.

She used chemical fertilizers in the first year and realized that the nutrients were deteriorated.

She then started organic farming learning from YouTube videos and online research. She even learned through a distance course.

She substituted the chemicals with biomass that consists of fallen leaves and leftover vegetable waste.

This helps in repelling insects and retain water in roots.

She founded a company, Upaj in 2009. Upaj runs a farm where vegetables and fruits are grown without any chemicals and pesticides.

Later, she started sharing the knowledge with likeminded people.

Upaj conducted more than 400 workshops on urban farming and home gardening across the country.

After the workshop, people used to ask Avanee for organic seeds to grow in their gardens.

She then designed kits for people who opt for fresh and organic vegetables.

Now, the company also sells Grow-it-yourself (GIY) kits for urban citizens who like farming.

The GIY kit consists of a biodegradable pot made of coconut, seeds, planting tag, organic fertilizer and instruction manual.

All small GIY vegetable kits are available for ₹299 and the large kits are available for ₹499. Different vegetables and leafy vegetables like tomato, okra, cucumber, spinach etc. are available.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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