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The girl who never skipped school or college

Varsha Goli

Anyone who went to a school and college would probably answer that it is practically impossible to never skip a day in their entire academic life. That seems to be true about everyone.

However, meet Varsha Goli who has maintained 100 percent attendance from L.K.G (pre-school) to B.Tech. This might truly sound astonishing for anyone because it is almost impossible.

Varsha Goli has won best student of the year award, best all-rounder of the year award from Ekalavya Vidya samithi. It can be stated that she deserves these awards based on her academic and extra-curricular skills and awards.

She has participated and won several district, state, and national level competitions in painting, and creative writing etc. She has also been a black belt holder in Martial arts since the age of 14.

Varsha has also received the title of runner up in McDonald’s “Little Miss Hyderabad” for multi talents. She has also been the recipient of AIR India rank award.

She has been noted by Wonder book of Records and Telugu book of records for her remarkable attendance since childhood.

With such qualities, Varsha Goli is truly a great student that can serve as an inspiration to others.

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