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Girl behind the ‘Humans of Bombay’ Page

Girl behind the ‘Humans of Bombay’ Page

If you are an avid Facebook user, then you might have known about the ‘Humans of Bombay’ page. Do you know who is behind this popular Facebook page? She is 23-year-old Karishma Mehta.

With ‘Humans of Bombay’ page, she is not just sharing the pictures and stories but also inspiring people with the success, hopes, dreams, desires and even failures of the people. Inspired by Facebook page of ‘Humans of New York’ (HoNY) that was started in 2010 by Brandon Stanton, several “Humans of” Facebook pages have been developed. But most of them disappeared very quickly due to lack of attention.

However, ‘Humans of Bombay’ is an exemption. The popularity and followers of this page has been growing continuously. This is due to the efforts of Karishma.

Karishma majored in business and economics. She started her own company Knoq. There she conducted positive thinking classes due to her passion.

Karishma initially wanted to start a website or blog with stories in various forms, but later changed her mind and started a Facebook page. Being a follower of HONY, she thought why not make a page similar to that.

The ‘Humans of Bombay’ page was launched on January 28, 2014. Within a short span of time, the page has more than four lakh likes. All this was due to the constant efforts of Karishma. She captures the stories of several people who she meets on Mumbai roads and updates the page. She says that it is very difficult to convince strangers to share their stories to be posted on the ‘Humans of Bombay’ page. Yet, she likes her job and that’s why she is doing it with passion.

Karishma also conducted a Facebook campaign and raised funds of Rs.6.5 lakhs for Kranti, an organization which is helping the daughters of sex workers in Mumbai. Her passion and zeal to bring the new stories to the world is inspiring her to put effort in a work that does not even pay her.

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