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Family Gives Gift of Education to a Girl Child

Family Gives Gift of Education to a Girl Child

A sense of community and spreading awareness among others is helpful for the betterment of society as a whole. What Sudheer and Hema Piddi of Gadag did on the birthday of their 5-year-old daughter is an example of that.

On the 5th birthday of the couple’s daughter Shravani Piddi, they wanted to teach her about being sensitive to other’s hardships. They wanted to show everyone to be more helpful for the poor.

Sudheer was inspired by the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao movement. Being a corporate social responsibility trainer at a multinational company he decided that the family should sponsor the school fees, uniforms, books, study materials and all other educational costs for a girl child.

Hema Piddi says that since the government provides education for girls free of cost, the family wanted to choose a private high school. For that, they approached SSK High School at Bavangadde, Gadag. This school mostly consisted of students from poor and lower middle class.

According to the principal of the SSK High School, Sanjay Merwade, the family wanted to find a genuine beneficiary for what they wanted to do. They had a meeting with the teachers and chose a girl whose father passed away and mother works as domestic help to make ends meet.

The act done by the Piddi family inspired others too. The chairman of the school RK Habib said that he also wants to do something similar. He also said that the school would now encourage it among parents of other students so that students who are financially weak can get help from others.

The Piddi family won’t be stopping it here. They want to expand their work even more and help others as well. They are looking to expand their initiative to other students as soon as they can. Sudheer says that even though they are a middle class family, they just want to share they have.

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