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Dentist provides free dental care to 1 lakh villagers

Dentist provides free dental care to 1 lakh villagers

Dr. Ankita Chandra, a dentist wants to improve medical and oral health in the country for free. To achieve that, she holds dental camps every weekend in rural India. Instead of choosing to spend time with her family like others do, she spends her weekends helping poor villages.

Born in Kolkata, Ankita grew up with the ideologies of Swami Vivekananda and Mother Teresa. That is one of the reasons which increased the sense of service in her. She had to go to many small villages and towns in India through her childhood because of her father’s transferable job.

Ankita wanted to do something to help people of poor backgrounds after her studies. She found a shocking fact that there is only one dentist for every 50,000 rural Indians. That was the moment she decided to start oral awareness campaigns for senior citizens living in rural areas and slums.

She held her first dental checkup camp in Harsoli village in the Jaipur district of Rajasthan with 100 sets of gloves, masks, sterilizer bottles etc. that she bought herself.

In her first checkup, 2,500 villagers have received free checkups. That was only the beginning for Ankita. So far, she managed to reach more than 1 lakh people in Rajasthan, Haryana, and the slums of Delhi. Her work has also inspired her colleagues and the number of volunteers to her cause kept increasing.

Ankita also managed to self-finance mobile dental treatment equipment to conduct simple dental procedures at the camps. She is also making a survey report on the general dental health of the areas she holds a camp. She is submitting this report to the respective government authorities.

The report helps in keeping track of oral health in area and helps in providing a remedy. It was found that there was a lot of fluoride content in the water in a village in Rajasthan with the help of this report. That is one example of how the reports are helping.

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