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From Chaiwala to Web Developer

From Chaiwala to Web Developer

Meet Raju Yadav, the newly promoted web developer who was a former chaiwala. As a chaiwala, someone who served tea in offices, he was nameless and did not have any recognition. On April first, he was promoted to a web developer at the matrimonial portal,

He was in charge of opening the office in the morning, cleaning up a bit, ensuring supply of tea and coffee, going to the bank, were his duties as an office assistant. Now, he develops programmes as a web developer.

He has faced many hardships from his childhood being born in an economically weak family. But he had a great desire for learning. Even now, after becoming a web developer he truly believes he has a lot to learn to reach greater potentials. “I believe one hour a day is enough, never miss a day and keep complete focus while studying,” explained Raju.

His colleagues say that he would always ask other employees about as much knowledge as possible. This was not limited to web development. He would ask people about current affairs too in order to gain as much knowledge as possible.

He is married and is the father of a one year old son.

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