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What Indian men want in their wives?

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Shaadi.com has conducted a survey to find out what Indian men want in their wives. Most men preferred a career oriented girl who likes to watch cricket and follow news. Indian men seem to prefer wives who watch cricket for the sake of the sport and not for the cute players. Shaadi.com has conducted a survey previously to find what women want in their life partner.

The survey had over 8,500 participants. The results show that women want a partner who is compatible, well settled and financially stable. On the other hand, men preferred a partner who is like a good friend and shares the same tastes.

85 percent of men in the survey stated that they preferred a girl who is career oriented. Many men seem to prefer working women because they would easily understand work related problems. Indian men also want their partners to appreciate cricket and not the ‘cute’ players. 76.6 percent of men wanted their partners to appreciate cricket. 73.8 percent men wanted their wives to follow news and be up to date with current affairs. 66.1 percent of men did not want to marry their colleagues.

When it came to annoying traits of girls, a majority of men stated that they want girls to get out of the world of reality shows. Men also do not want their women obsessed with their phones. Both men and women seem to find the trend of uploading food pictures on social media annoying.

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