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Cancer can’t separate this couple

Cancer can’t separate this couple

Cancer, the deadly disease is spreading rapidly across the globe. Not just smokers and alcoholics, several people with no bad habits are falling victims to this terrible disease.

Here is one such terrible instance of a young couple.

Sachin Kumar is a native of Kerala’s Pothukal town. He joined an accountancy course in Nilambur where he met his partner Bhavya.

Bhavya hailed from a poor family. That’s why she did not respond to his initial proposal.

Yet, she accepted later. Her family did not accept it and asked her to leave the family if she wants to marry Sachin. They strongly opposed the marriage and told her that she should not visit their home if she marries him.

Even his family was not interested in their marriage. But, the couple did not care about the opposition.

After the completion of their course, Bhavya joined in an institute to work. At that time, she used to travel by bus. She started complaining of back pain regularly.

But, the couple thought that it was due to her travel and long sitting hours in front of a computer.

She took two weeks of treatment but it was of no use.

Again, the couple visited the doctor who asked them to go through a scanning. Her scanning revealed that she has a small projection on her bone. It is a rare type of cancer which affects bones and mainly the spine.

Doctors advised chemotherapy which is expensive for Bhavya’s family.

Cancer can’t separate this couple

Cancer can’t separate this couple

Sachin along with his friends did various jobs to raise money for her treatment.

Her first chemo session was done in the last week of March. They got engaged on April 1 despite opposition from both sides of parents.

His friends helped him by raising money through social media for the couple.

After six sessions of chemo, they got married in last November with the hard approval of their parents.

As she has advanced stage of cancer, she had to undergo for a surgery also.  13 sessions of chemotherapy and surgery were successfully completed.

Three more sessions are there to free her from cancer.

While they were struggling with hardships, some people created rumors on WhatsApp that the couple is misusing the funds they generated for her treatment. Sachin says that it was a very tough time.

But, now that Bhavya is recovering, the couple is proudly saying that cancer can’t separate them.

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