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Bus conductor who won 3 gold medals

Bus conductor who won 3 gold medals

35 year old Abasaheb Gaikwad, a bus conductor from Shetjale village in Sangli, Maharashtra has brought pride to the country and himself by winning three gold medals at the Australian Master Games. He won medals in the sporting events of discus throw, hammer throw and shot put.

With the three wins, he broke his own past records. He beat players from seven different countries in the 30-35 age group category of sports. Abasaheb worked very hard to reach success like this. While he was preparing for the games he was working full time. He trained himself without any coach too.

He attributes his success to a lot of hard work, dedication, and the help he got from many people around him.

Due to the high cost of the tour, he received help from his employers at Maharashtra State Regional Transport Corporation (MSRTC), friends, family members and well-wishers. They all pitched in together to help him go to the event.

In order to help him have more time for practice, his senior officials from MSRTC shifted him to internal duty and they used to send him to trips only when they were close to the depot. This enabled him to practice for the games as much as possible. Since there aren’t many sports facilities in Sangli he even took his friends help him during practice sessions.

The Australian Masters Games is a biennial, multi-sport event. In the event, there are more than 50 sports. The event allows sportsmen who are aged above 30 years to participate. Participants from all around the world are welcome. The 15th Australian Masters Games took place from October 3-10, 2015.

Gaikwad also participated in many district, state and national level championships. He also won two gold medals in javelin and discus throw at the Torino International Masters Games in 2013.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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