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Meet 72-year-old Powerlifting Champion

Meet 72-year-old Powerlifting Champion

Many youngsters inspire when they meet this 72-year-old man from Kerala. They will be surprised by seeing his energy.

KC Sreenivasan from Kochi won a gold medal in a championship held in Aurangabad recently. It was the Masters’ Equipped and Classic Bench Press Championship.

Sreenivasan not only won a gold medal but also set a new national record. He lifted 78.5 kg in the under-60kg bodyweight category.

To the astonishment of people, Sreenivasan was the only man who was represented from Kerala in the Master 4 category (above 70 years).

He worked as a desk attendant at a media organisation. Sreenivasan has been passionate about weightlifting since a young age. He started participating in bodybuilding events in 1969.

Though he participated in many events, he stopped participating, as his body weight was less than the prescribed weight for winning the competition.

For his strength, he won the strongman title. He lifted more weights than the lifters in the 83kg category.

After he retired from the job, Sreenivasan participated in many powerlifting events in the country. He also participated in some competitions held in Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Punjab, and Jammu & Kashmir.

Sreenivasan made the headlines in the media when he won a gold medal at Asian Powerlifting Championship at the age of 68 years. He lifted 85kg in the squat as well as the bench press. Besides, he lifted 115kg in the deadlift event. The championship was held in Alappuzha.

He started participating in powerlifting events after his retirement and secured many medals. He daily does sit-ups, push-ups, and squats. In addition, he also does specific workouts.

Due to his financial condition, he could not afford to take any special diet. Though he is not getting any financial support from anybody, he is participating in competitions due to his passion.

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