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Boy reunited with parents by Twitter

Boy reunited with parents by Twitter

Usage of social media often helps people. It has been proved in this boy’s instance.

12-year-old Vishal Pathak was stuck in Delhi since the beginning of the lockdown in the country

He was living away from his parents in Samistapur in Bihar. Besides, he was thrown out of his small house by his landlord. 

Founding nowhere to go, the boy started living in a park. He lived there for 45 days with street dogs. He slept on the park benches. 

A woman in a nearby complex named Yogita provided him with a free mealShe is a dog lover. She saw him when she visited the park to feed a few stray dogs.

She noticed that the boy was living alone in the park. She asked about him. He said that his parents attended a wedding in Bihar. But, he could not attend it due to his final exams. 

While his parents were supposed to return their home on 22 March, they were stuck in Bihar due to the lockdown.

After that, his landlord threw him out of his rented home. As he has no shelter, he is living in the park. 

Since then, she started feeding him. Moved by his story, she decided to post about him on social media.

She posted about him on her Instagram account. She did not get any response for a few days. But, her follower Sneha noticed it and shared it on Twitter tagging Senior IPS officer Arun Bothra. 

He immediately contacted his batchmate who then alerted officers in Bihar. They purchased railway tickets for the parents of Vishal and arranged transportation for them to reach the station. 

They arranged a cab for them in New Delhi to reach the park. 

On that day, Vishal way playing with street dogs as usual. Yogita called him to come to the entrance gate.

To his surprise, he saw his parents at that gate. He busted into tears immediately. 

He thanked Yogita with his whole heart for reuniting him with his parents. 

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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