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An automatic door from scrap

An automatic door from scrap

Vedant Dhiren Thaker, an 11 year old, class 6 boy from Maharashtra is young innovator who uses discarded parts to make new and creative gadgets. When one of his remote control cars broke down, he used it to make a device to solve a household problem for his mother.

From the remote control car, he obtained: Remote control, the motor drive mechanism circuit, Rechargeable batteries, and the remote control (RC) circuit used inside the car. He use these parts to make a prototype device that can open the lock of the main in his house using a remote control. The device has enough range to be controlled from any part of his house.

He wanted to do this after observing how many times the doorbell was ringing in his house. In his summer vacation he kept going outside many times and rang the doorbell several times to come back. He realized that his mother used to get irritated some times. In order to solve this problem, he came with the automatic door opener. With the help of the device, now his mother can open the door from anywhere in the house even when she is working. The young inventor also made several other innovations from scrap and discarded parts.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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