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84-Year-Old Gurrala Sarojanamma: A beacon of selfless service

84-Year-Old Gurrala Sarojanamma: A beacon of selfless service

Gurrala Sarojanamma, an 84-year-old resident of Bodhan town in Nizamabad District, epitomizes the profound satisfaction that comes from serving others.

Born in Katuru village in Andhra Pradesh, she migrated to Bodhan after the integration of Hyderabad state with India.

Her life journey led her to become a teacher, and she retired in 1996 from Salur Government School in Yedapally Mandal.

Sarojanamma and her late husband, who worked at Nizam Sugar Factory, never had children.

Living in her own house, Sarojanamma faced familial complexities. Some of her relatives seemed to be motivated by self-interest in their interactions with her, particularly regarding her property.

She firmly believed that society should benefit from a portion of everyone’s income, a perspective her relatives didn’t share, straining their relationship.

Yet, it was a pivotal incident that ignited Sarojanamma’s commitment to service.

Witnessing a family’s plight when a deceased member was refused entry into a rented house for final rites due to personal sentiments deeply moved her.

Determined to make a change, Sarojanamma decided to establish a facility with a freezer to preserve bodies, enabling families to honour their traditions.

The government allocated land for this noble endeavour, and she invested Rs 20 lakh to create the Dharmasthala center near a burial ground.

Equipped with water and restroom facilities, it served needy individuals free of charge, with the option to make voluntary donations.

In just four months, seven families benefited, and Sarojanamma personally paid the watchman a monthly salary of ₹4,000 to oversee the center.

Her dedication didn’t stop there. She funded a ₹2.50 lakh cowshed in Triveni Sangam in Kandakurthi and donated ₹2 lakhs to support a pharmacy in Nizamabad’s Namdevwada area. She also pledged ongoing support to old-age homes in Chintakunta.

Remarkably, Sarojanamma donated her own house, valued at crores of rupees, to the Retired Employees Association.

Her selflessness earned her the endearing title of Peddamma from those she touched.

Recognizing her exceptional contributions, Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan honoured Sarojanamma during an International Women’s Day event at Raj Bhavan.

The American Telugu Association also bestowed her with recognition.

Many people also lauded her exemplary service, believing it would inspire others to engage in meaningful acts of kindness.

Photo by Nathan Lemon on Unsplash (Free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://unsplash.com/photos/FBiKcUw_sQw

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