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80-year-old entrepreneurs inspire youth

80-year-old entrepreneurs inspire youth

While some people become entrepreneurs due to their passion, others turn into entrepreneurs accidentally.

RK Choudhary and Shakuntala Devi Choudhary never expected that they would begin their entrepreneurial journey at the age of 80 plus years.

But the couple launched a startup Avimee Herbal, which clocked a revenue of ₹13 crores within a year of launch.

RK and Shakuntala Devi are fondly called Nanaji and Naniji. They have good knowledge of Ayurveda. The couple made a natural hair oil for their daughter Vinita Agarwal to control hair fall during the second wave of the pandemic.

It worked wonderfully. The couple then decided to give some samples of the oil to their friends and relatives and received good feedback. That’s how Avimee Herbal was born.

Initially, the couple used to receive one or two orders per day. But, their grandson and his wife posted about the product on their Instagram page. They even created a page for the business. Since then, their orders have been growing.

They received orders in large numbers. As they did not expect orders in such large numbers, they were not ready to handle them. However, they could manage with the help of their family members. Now, they have many employees to look after operations.

Avimee Herbal brand was started with one hair oil. Now it has 17 products, including haircare, skincare and beard care.

While the startup generated a revenue of ₹80 lakhs till last November, its sales were grown to ₹13 crores by this July.

The couple claims that they did not spend a single penny on marketing. But their customers endorse their products through word-of-publicity. Mira Rajput, the wife of actor Shahid Kapoor, posted a video on their products, after which their sales were grown multifold.

Keshpallav Hair Oil is their best-selling product. Other products like Hair Tone PV1 Scalp Spray and Ortho CP Pain Relief Oil are sold in large numbers.

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Image Reference: https://avimeeherbal.com/

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