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60-year-old earns lakhs per year by hand-carved wooden furniture

60-year-old earns lakhs per year by hand-carved wooden furniture

Nowadays, recycled and upcycled items are preferred by many people. This man turned his hobby into a business and earning more than ₹15 lakhs per year with upcycled furniture.

60-year-old Sandeep Saran from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, made some items from wood and metal during his engineering as part of the curriculum. His designs were beautiful. Hence, his friends used to ask for his help to finish their assignments.

After finishing his engineering, Sandeep joined their family business. But, he continued his hobby of making various items with wood in his free time. He began making small items like wooden frames and pen holders. Later, he continued to make bigger furniture items like a garden bench, cabinets, rocking chair etc.

His designs surprised his friends and their families. They asked him whether he could make furniture for them.

Due to continuous requests from friends, Sandeep agreed to make customized items for them as per their needs. Besides, he continued his hobby as well. The furniture occupied a huge space in his house.  Hence, Sandeep launched Kaath Kagaz, a walk-in home studio with all the items he made.

Several people visited his studio before COVID-19 restrictions. His customers ask for a planter, lights, pen holders etc. They also request customized items.

He made all the wooden products from upcycled wood or waste wood. In addition to that, he uses solar energy for his products.

He mainly focuses on zero carbon emission and sustainable living. He procures wood from fallen or dead trees to make the items.

Sandeep says that he is not doing the work as a commercial business. Nor did he spend any money on marketing his products. Yet, he receives orders from word-of-mouth publicity. With these hand-carved and upcycled wood items, he earns around ₹15 lakhs per annum.

Image Credit: Kaathkagaz Instagram page screenshot

Image Reference: https://www.instagram.com/kaathkagaz/

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