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6-year-old breaks speed skating record

6-year-old breaks speed skating record

K Darshini, a six-year-old girl broke the past speed skating record and set a new record. In the Quarter Skating Marathon which was held by Tamil Nadu Speed Skating Association on March13, she set a new record in the under seven category. In this category, the participants, who are under the age of seven should finish the skating stretch of 10.5 kilometers in 45 minutes.

But, the little girl finished the distance of 10.5 kilometers in 41.03 minutes. With this new record, she managed to get her name into both India Book of Records and the Asia Book of Records.

Darshini’s craze for skating began when she was five years old. Her parents noticed it and supported her. They arranged a coach to train her in this sport. She is studying in Yuvabharti Public School. This is not the first time Darshini won in a competition. She participated in district and state tournaments and won a bronze medal and two gold medals. The two gold medals she won were in state-level championships, and the bronze medal was in the 500-m Tamil Nadu State Roller Skating Championship conducted in 2015. She rolled her way from the participation in district levels to national levels.

Due to excellent performance, she was selected to participate in an international event which will be held in Singapore next month.

There is another exceptional skating record which was set by a seven-year-old boy from Manipur in last December. He is Tiluck Keisam who set the new world record in Limbo Skating by finishing the task of 116 meters. The past world record was 50 meters. The boy skated 116 meters in just 31.87 seconds and set the new world record. In limbo skating, the participant needs to go under bars without touching them.


Image Reference: Indiatoday

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