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12 year old singing prodigy

12 year old singing prodigy

He was born with almost 40 fractures, but nothing can break his determination. Sparsh Shah is a 12 year boy who deserves to be called a singing prodigy. Sparsh who lives in the US has given more than 45 performances in the last year and half.

Sparsh goes by the name Purhythm. He wrote 10 songs so far: “This Love Will Never Fade,” “There’s Always Tomorrow,” “Why’d You Have To Leave Me?”, “You Are My Heroes,” “Count on Me,” “A Little Bit of Respect,” “Turn Around,” “Birthday Wishes,” “You’re The One,” and “No One Knows.” He also composed the music for most of them.

For the last seven and half years, Sparsh has been learning Hindustani classical music and for the last three years, American vocal music. He performs at various community events and even appeared on local radio stations and television shows, besides hosting shows as an MC.

That isn’t all, Sparsh is multi-talented. He has memorized 250 digits of Pi and can say the 12 longest words in English dictionary in less than 18 seconds. He also speaks four different accents in English.

Beside the songs, he also wrote several poems, short stories, motivational and funny speeches. Sparsh also acted in the developmental reading of a play “The Greatest Choice” at the Crossroads theatre in New Jersey.

The talent of Sparsh was budding from a very young age. He was able to spell “Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis,” a 45 letter word at a young age of 6. When Sparsh was born, his parents had to bear tragic news. He was born with an incurable disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. He had 35-40 broken bones while emerging from his mother’s womb.

The condition gave him extremely brittle bones which can break with just a firm handshake. In his 12 years of life, he suffered with 125 fractures. However, this did not stop his spirit. He helped raise money for many philanthropic organizations.

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