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Zouk offers vegan footwear

Zouk offers vegan footwear

Businesses that focus on the needs and preferences of customers can sustain themselves in the market for the long term. Besides, they should also observe the changing trends.

Nowadays, many people are opting for a vegan-based style. That’s why many startups emerge into the market to fulfil their needs.

Zouk is one such vegan brand that offers footwear, bags, wallets, and other accessories. Disha Singh, an IIM Ahmedabad graduate, launched it in Mumbai.

The startup sells many PETA-approved approved vegan products on its website. Zouk started selling vegan fabrics, bags, wallets, backpacks, women’s handbags etc. Now, it wants to expand its operations into footwear due to the demand of customers.

It offers various footwear collections like sandals, chappals, bellies, and sliders. Its main target is women aged between 25 and 40 years.

The footwear of Zouk is comfortable to be worn for regular use as well as for special occasions and parties. Though it offers many designs for women, it wants to expand its collection furthermore in the coming months to reach more customers.

Many of Zouk’s products, like bags and footwear, are priced below ₹2,500 so that more people can afford them.

The pandemic affected their business to some extent. Yet, they have seen some growth in the later phase. They served around 2 lakh customers. This is due to many people switching to online buying. Since it is a D2C brand, its customers increased gradually.

The startup has many artisans to craft its products beautifully. It has over 300 artisans. All are trained in using vegan leather and fabric to make fine-quality products by Zouk.

Zouk currently operates in India. However, it wants to become a global consumer brand by expanding its business to other countries like the US, Canada etc. As the startup sells through the online route, it will become easy to expand its business globally.

Image Credit: Zouk Website Screenshot

Image Reference: https://zouk.co.in/

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