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The Waffle Couple

The Waffle Couple

When Shrey Aggarwal visited Manila in the Philippines, he was first exposed to the street waffle scene, which is most well-known in Belgium, but it is prominent there as well.

Aggarwal was enticed by the constant aroma of freshly-made waffles coming from the kiosks in the streets, and decided to bring this concept back to India.

He and his wife, Alisha Aggarwal, then founded the Belgian Waffle Company (or BWC) in May of 2015, with the idea in mind of catering to all customers. Their waffle sandwiches, or “waffle-wiches”, have varieties that cater to all ages, and there are even varieties for vegetarians.

BWC began with a single kiosk in an INOX cinema, but it quickly gained popularity.

Aggarwal comments how their business filled a gap in the quick food service market by making food in a short amount of time that still has excellent quality.

The waffle-wiches are also easy to consume, as they can be eaten without any dishes or silverware. Therefore, customers can take their food on the go and even eat it while walking.

The duo also pride themselves on their light waffle batter recipe, which is made without any eggs.

It took them a long time to perfect this recipe, but when they succeeded, it became a hit with their buyers.

Since it began, BWC has expanded to twenty-five outlets, and have begun to do private catering for parties as well.

The Waffle Couple

Representative Waffle

They serve up to a thousand eight hundred waffles in total per day, and the team behind the company has now grown to twenty-eight members.

They have a current turnover of ₹30 crore, and are expecting to earn another ₹150 crore in the coming year. They are hoping to expand to more cities in the future and take the concept of their waffle-wiches to the next level.

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