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TravelTroovel – Passion combined with travel

TravelTroovel – Passion combined with travel

TravelTroovel is an idea based on Interest-based trips. These are trips which are based on the interests one has.

Arunima Girotra, the founder of the company got this idea during a simple dinner table conversation with her family.

She realized that many people are not able to spend time on things they want to do. These include hobbies and interests.

Many people have family responsibilities, jobs etc preventing them from doing so.

This is when Arunima thought of doing something that would help people connect with their interests better.

So, she started TravelTroovel along with her friend Manika Trehan.

Right from the start they knew they wanted to use travel in their idea because it reduces stress for many.

The company began on August 20, 2016 in Delhi.

Using the service, one can take interest based trips.

They are called ‘troovel’ by the company. Each of these troovels are based off a theme that a person likes. It could be anything like music, reading, dramatics, art, dance etc.

TravelTroovel – Passion combined with travel


There are many themes covered under the troovels. Users can sign up to a trip on the website and they can explore their own interest while they troovel.

The best part is that users can explore their favorite activity in a unique and creative way through a variety of sessions and activities at various fun locations.

The people who chose a particular interest will have sessions together so they can learn and explore that interest together.

The trips will also have a mentor who conducts various sessions related to the chosen interest. The troovellers will be provided with various session related to the chosen interest.

This way, a person can enjoy their favorite activity in new ways. The troovellers can also share their own experience and knowledge with others in the group.

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