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TNW offers natural and Ayurvedic products

TNW offers natural and Ayurvedic products

Usage of natural products is growing as the number of health-conscious people is growing. As a result, several startups emerge in this sector.

Akshit Goel and Shivangi Goel also decided to capture the market share in this field. They launched TNW – The Natural Wash in 2019.

The duo had seen their elders maintain good skin health using natural products for years. This made them venture into natural beauty products after their graduation. They started the business with an initial investment of ₹2 lakhs. They expanded it by reinvesting the amount they earned with the sale of products.

TNW offers natural and ayurvedic products at an affordable rate. Many of their products are made up of natural ingredients. For instance, Potato Rice Soap, Beetroot Lip Balm etc.

The Natural Wash’s journey started with producing handmade soaps like charcoal soaps, oats and honey soaps etc.

They received positive feedback and constructive criticism on their products. They improved their products based on the feedback received from their customers.

The couple says that most of the available products in the market are either expensive or made with chemicals. In this context, they want their products to be reached to many people by selling them at an affordable price. Also, they make their products with natural ingredients.

The Natural Wash offers many products like face wash, hair mask, conditioner, hair cleanser, skin toner, serum, cream, lotion and many other products to nourish your skin and hair.

TNW sells products on B2C (business-to-consumer) model and D2C (direct-to-consumer) model. Customers can buy their products on many eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart, FirstCry etc.

Even though the pandemic affected their sales, the startup sustained. TNW generated ₹10 crores in the first financial year. The couple aims to generate a revenue of ₹40 crores in this financial year. They would like to launch many new products related to baby care, men’s care and healthcare.

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