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That1Too – Affordable luxury fashion

That1Too – Affordable luxury fashion

Aruna R. Krishnan, the editor and publisher of the Ritz magazine, and Sirgopika Radhakrishan, the director of the automated manufacturing and export company in Chennai, have formed an unlikely partnership despite the both of them having two very different origins.

Together, they founded That1Too, which is a network that curates small, independent boutiques and brands.

Their aim is to join together the best boutiques and brands from all across the country, with the customers getting a platform to find new brands for them while the brands take part in a network that allows more customers to recognize them and come into their stores.

Boutiques of every kind, from every place, are brought together, from Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Cochin, and many more cities. Some boutiques are starting fresh off, while others have been in business for fifty years, or even more.

One hundred and twenty brands from all over India have come into the network just far, and another one hundred are still in the pipeline.

From there, That1Too itself allows for customers to search for these independent brands, and delivers either directly to their homes or to one of the network stores near the customer in question.

After ten months of having started That1Too, the network claims one hundred and twenty brands and boutiques with whom they have drop shipments, delivering to over fifteen thousand pin codes in India. With a core of twelve people, the team has garnered attention by taking part in over ten exhibitions across South India and conducting two fashion shows for its products.

That1Too – Affordable luxury fashion

That1Too – Affordable luxury fashion


Their movement away from mainstream online networks by putting a focus on unique brands has been earning them a twenty five percent growth rate per month.

In the future, That1Too plans to offer affordable luxury fashion that can be accessible to consumers, to offer an app that can allow searches in any city, to make exclusive discounts for customers in the network stores, and to explore the prospect of using pop up stores in malls to promote its network brands.


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