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TELIBrahma – A leading Mobile Advertising Solution


TELIBrahma was founded by Narasimha Suresh and Ravi BR. It is one of the leading mobile advertising solutions companies. It established partnership with various companies. For instance the partnership with Sandesh enables mobile users to read interactive content on them which is live.

The company launched Brandclub to improve the efficiency of media by targeting the customers. Brandclub is a digital media which offers customers the ultimate shopping experience. This gives customers complete information about new arrivals in retail in their closest retail outlets, coupons and offers, menus and other promotional information from the stores.

TELIBrahma also helps in maintaining interactive relationship built by achieving brand loyalists. They make sure the targeted consumers are delivered after curating content channel. Effective mobile app development framework is done by them. Products are highlighted using Print and TV ads with mobile. Screen experience is improved. They use marketing strategies based on locations.

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