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sRide facilitates safe carpooling

sRide facilitates safe carpooling

As safety concerns for women using public transportation are increasing, several mobile apps and startups came into the field to overcome these issues.

Nowadays, carpooling is becoming popular in India especially in metro cities. This saves not just the money but the environment as well.

sRide is also one such ride-sharing service to reduce their travel cost by sharing their ride.

sRide is a Haryana based service. It is a carpooling app which allows people to carpool by connecting with various others.

The real-time matching process facilitates the users to go accurately in the same directions.

sRide mainly connects the car owners who want to offer ride for sharing cost and the riders who need a ride and share the cost.

sRide carpooling can be used for various car sharing services including regular commuting to go to office or work, travel to hometown on weekends, pickup and dropping for school children, transportation facility to go to movies, shopping, events, conferences and other such things.

Using sRide is very simple. Simply download the free app and verify your phone number to post your ride which takes less than a minute.

You will find a suitable ride or somebody will find you for sharing the cost.

One can use the same account to act as both car owner as well as a rider.

Users can also get referral money which can be used to pay for their rides.

The referral money for both the car owners as well as riders is 10% of the ride amount or ₹15 whichever is less for each trip.

The referral money can only be used for online payment done through PayTm or sRide Credit.

sRide charges certain transaction fee to manage the app and its associated costs.

Riders can cancel their ride prior to their trip.

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