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Your Space offers safe and quality housing

Your Space offers safe and quality housing

Accommodation to students is a big challenge in India. In order to provide safe and quality housing students, Your Space came into the field.

Your Space, a student housing startup was foudned in 2016 in Greater Noida as a 77-bed girls’ hostel. Now, it has 11 hostels that offer 1,200 beds throughout the country.

Shubha Lal realized the need for good accommodation for students near their colleges as it troubled her a lot. She along with her acquaintance Karan discussed the idea with Nidhi Kumra, a common friend.

Finally, they decided to start Your Space in Delhi. Before starting their business, they researched in the market to know the need of students. They also took feedback of the students from hostels.

Due to this, the trio saw that there is a huge demand for student accommodation in the country.

Number of students who are opting for higher education has been increasing and so is the demand for comfortable accommodation.

The traditional hostels are normally old buildings with shared bathrooms.

The new generation students do not like to live in such old buildings.

They want modern buildings with extra facilities such as WiFi and independent bathrooms. They want their accommodation to be more secure and comfortable.

Considering this, they started a hostel with air conditioning, furniture, WiFi, medical aid and personal washrooms.

Their hostels are generally close to main markets so that can easily focus on their studies.

An in-house kitchen and food is also available. This includes breakfast and dinner.

The company has partnered with several other companies to provide laundry, daily housekeeping, security and warden facility.

Their package ranges between ₹12,000 and ₹25,000 per month.

Your Space operates in New Delhi, Greater Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh and Jalandhar at present. It wants to extend its services to Bengaluru, Chennai, Indoor and Jaipur in the coming years.

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