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Solgen – to cut your electricity bill

Solgen – to cut your electricity bill

Solgen Tech is a Mumbai based startup.

They aim to help reduce the electricity bill for everyone.

Amit Shah and Brijesh George started this startup out of their love for environment and entrepreneurship.

These two have a strong passion for solar power.




They started Solgen in Mumbai and even have some presence in several areas of Maharashtra.

The company offers solar solutions for residential, industrial and commercial spaces. By contacting them, one can have Solgen’s team provide installation and commission for entire solar projects.

They also provide training for the user on how to use and maintain solar products.

Solgen – to cut your electricity bill

Solgen – to cut your electricity bill


Solgen’s flagship product however is the reverse net meter. This meter helps users not only conserve electricity but also the cost of consumption.

They first experimented it with Amit’s own apartment complex. They made the first-ever residential rooftop solar ‘reverse net’ meter (two-way import and export) solution in North Mumbai.

A regulation introduced by the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) for rooftop solar photo voltaic systems in September, 2015 helped them out during this time.

Due to that, they had the permission to install solar power plant on rooftops of residential premises.

Solgen – to cut your electricity bill

Solgen – to cut your electricity bill

The power that was generated in his apartment was supplied to the common grid and this can be used to deduct from monthly consumption of power units from the distribution company (DISCOM).

These systems are easily compatible with various DISCOMs like BEST, Tata Power and MSEDCL.

The net meter measures the number of electricity units consumed by users from the direct electricity line from the utility grid (DISCOM).

The excess units generated by the solar power are sent for the distribution network for public consumption.

As a result the money will be deducted from the monthly amount. In their first year, the company has done more than 100kw worth projects.

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