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Shirin Products offers organic fruit candies and jams

Shirin Products offers organic fruit candies and jams

Many startups offer organic products in recent days. Shirin Products is one such startup that offers organic fruit candies and jams.

Yangmila Zimik, a single mother, founded Shirin Products with a minimal investment in 2019. Before launching her startup, she attended a training programme organized by an NGO in food processing.

After completing the training, Yangmila decided to start her own venture with ₹500. She made the candies of gooseberries in small batches and distributed them to her friends and relatives for their feedback.  She also kept a few packs in local shops.

To her surprise, they sold out fast. It boosted her confidence. She decided to process the locally available fruits like plum, guava, wild olive etc.

She processes these fruits to make jams and candies. Later, she attended the workshop held at the local Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) where she learned pickle-making.

The KVK officials helped her by providing essential equipment to set up a working unit. Thus, she started Shirin Products. Now, Shirin Products offers 35 different types of products, including candies, jams, pickles etc. The startup has six women employees.

Yangmila could not pursue education due to her family background. However, she encourages students. That’s why she gave part-time work to two students to help them pursue their education.

She distributes the products of her startup to around 50 shops in her district and makes money in the range of ₹70,000 to 80,000 per month. In addition to that, she sells her products through her Facebook page.

Like all other businesses, the pandemic affected the sales of the startup. However, Yangmila was able to manage the condition.

She procures local ingredients, so there is no need to depend on outsiders of the state. For products, customers contacted her directly. She delivered the products to their homes directly without depending on shops.

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