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Screenom – hiring buddy

Screenom – hiring buddy

There is a heavy competition when finding jobs. Even recruiters are finding it hard to get the employee they need. To solve these problems, a solution has been developed. It is called Screenom.

Screenom is founded by Chandrakanth Shettigar and Anshul. Usually, in many companies the recruitment process is long and tedious. They get many resumes and profiles which have to be sorted out to find the best fit. This process usually takes around to 6-8 weeks. It also has a cost of hiring of about $4,000 per hire. The task also gets tedious and repetitive because of the huge number of applicants. This is the same for those who are applying. There is a heavy competition that needs to be waded through only to find that the job doesn’t fit him/her.

Screenom which was started in 2015 was started with an online technical skill assessment platform. It was joined by an intuitive candidate management and recommendation system early this year.

This platform is an automated version of the whole recruitment process. It makes recruitment time and cost-efficient. As a result both the recruiter and the aspirant will have a lot of time saved. This platform is mainly oriented towards software companies looking for candidates for technical and non-technical positions having an experience range of 0-10 yrs.

Anshul says that they are also about to add chatbot technology. This creates an interactive job application process. Having such an option is aimed at the ever increasing social technology and smartphones. Recruiters can engage with aspirants easily and it automates more than 65 percent of hiring funnel activities, adds Anshul.

With chatbot, recruiters on Screenom can build a talent pipeline. With that recruiters can create their own company bot without needing any programming. Recruiters can also add frequently asked questions to the bot which efficiently answers most of aspirants’ questions.

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