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Employees’ Skill Development Programs

Many companies these days are following a trend of hiring and training students before they complete their studies. This enables jobs for students and helps companies to find the right talent needed. A new trend that is forming is companies trying to improve the skills of students. This includes giving the students new access and exposure to technology, improving their communication skills, and orientation to the IT industry. Here are few programs developed by the companies to improve the skills of students.

Spark-IT is a program by Infosys Foundation which searches for talent in universities and improves their skill levels. This includes improving their technical and behavioral skills. This programs fills the gap between what education teaches students and what is required for a real life job.

Another company following this trend is Zensar Technologies which launched the first ever Employability Skills Development program which trains fresh graduates to become ready for the IT industry. The program charges nothing from the students and helps them in improving the needed skills. Many students get graduated every year but only few of them have the required industry ready skills. This program aims at filling that gap.

Cyient Foundation related to Cyient Ltd. has launched a skill development program with the same aim. Its program is aimed at training more than 3500 students from 19 tier II engineering colleges from Hyderabad. The aim of this program is also to make students develop the needed skills for the industry. These skills are usually not taught in the graduation program that students pursue.

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