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Government to start central recruitment at all AIIMS

Government to start central recruitment at all AIIMS

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is an autonomous body. These institutes are a group of autonomous public medical universities. However, these premier institutes are facing a shortage of faculty.

In this context, the central government decided to recruit faculty soon at various AIIMS in the country. There are 25 institutes in various places across the country.

Out of them, 20 are functional, five have not started their operations. The government announced some of them but had not initiated the process. And some others are under construction.

The Union Health Ministry wishes to introduce a centralized recruitment process for the faculty at various AIIMS. The government constituted a committee to examine the possibility and look into other things related to the process.

As per sources, nearly half of the faculty remains vacant in 18 new AIIMS. Especially a few of the new AIIMS have much shortage of personnel.

Among them, AIIMS Rajkot has the lowest number of faculty. It has only 40 faculties out of 183 posts. The other two medical institutes that have the lowest faculty are AIIMS Vijaypur and AIIMS Gorakhpur.

Though the government has sanctioned the faculty posts, recruitment has not been initiated. As a result, the majority of these premier health institutes are facing a shortage of faculty.

The government proposes a central recruitment process for hassle-free faculty recruitment. It says that the process will enhance transparency as well. In addition, it will be easier to transfer the faculty from one AIIMS to another one.

At present, each institute is recruiting its personnel on its own. It restricts their capability in finding suitable talent outside their states.

Sometimes, the recruited faculty are not showing interest to move outside of their states. All these problems will be eliminated with a central recruitment process, says the government.

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