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Samosa Party offers branded quality samosas  

Samosa Party offers branded quality samosas  

Samosas are one of the most favourite snacks of Indians. The snack has great potential. That’s why this duo launched a D2C startup for the sale of samosas.

Amit Nanwani and Diksha Pande launched Samosa Party. They integrated technology for the sale of this desi snack. The founders say that branded burgers and pizzas are sold in small towns, but local snacks like samosas have no such brands. That’s why they want to create a brand for samosas.

The founders want to provide a different experience to their customers. They assure quality and hygiene as most of the millennials are brand savvy and want value for the money they spend.

Customers can place orders online for samosas, and get delivered within 30 minutes.

Samosa Party’s journey started with a single takeaway store in Bengaluru. Now, it has its operations at 15 locations across the city. Besides, samosas are also sold on its website and other food delivery marketplaces.

Samosa Party serves around nine varieties of samosas. It receives nearly 50,000 orders in a month. Around 50 lakh samosas are sold per year. 80 per cent of their consumers are repeat customers.

Samosa party started its operations in Gurgaon this April but could not do much due to the second wave of COVID-19. However, their samosas became popular due to a netizen’s tweet. He shared the samosas bought from Samosa Party, saying that they had a code on them. The tweet became viral, and their samosas became famous with it.

Diksha, the co-founder said that the code on his samosa was C&C. It indicates the filling in the samosa is of chicken and cheese. They have 14 varieties of fillings and their customers said that it was difficult for them to identify the filling inside the samosa. That’s why they inscribe the name of the filling and batch codes on the samosa.

Quality is the main motto of Samosa Party. Hence, their customers have been growing.

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