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SagarFab: T-shirt startup by T-shirt man

SagarFab: T-shirt startup by T-shirt man

Abhishek Parihar was born into a family of retailers,inspired by his father’s success from his humble beginnings as a fabric seller. When he heard that there was a market opportunity for factory outfit manufacturing, he decided to go and explore that area.

His family provided him with both moral and financial support to start him off, and he began going to speak to factory managers in Bengaluru.

He was given a ₹15 lakh business line by one of these managers, and began doing business in many areas in the corporate department.

However, when he realized that going in every direction was getting him nowhere, he began to solely focus on manufacturing factory t-shirts, and thus, he began his company SagarFab.

Parihar earned nearly ₹500,000 with his first 10,000 t-shirts, but he did not at first realize the need for creating brands.

The opportunity for Indian brands was wide open, and so was the Indian fashion market.

In watching new brands such as Wrogn and USPL grow and flourish, Parihar decided to take up branding himself. He began with a cotton Polo brand named Scott, and went on to create more experimental lines such as All Weather Gear (a line of premium t-shirts and jackets).

He also began selling on the online platform to further boost his revenue.

With such a large market share, several brands, and a 650-person team, SagarFab’s revenue has far increased since its starting days. Parihar expects to soon be making ₹100 crore per year, and plans to widen the scope of the company’s brands through their online outlet.

Today, the company manufactures t-shirts for nearly all factories in Bihar, producing about 240,000 pieces of clothing per month.

SagarFab: T-shirt startup by T-shirt man

SagarFab: T-shirt startup by T-shirt man

However, Parihar is always looking to make his business better and reach out to more people, and he plans to use SagarFab to both better the lives of his customers and to help any up-and-coming entrepreneurs inspired by his work.

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