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ReadyAssist Provides on-demand vehicle service

ReadyAssist Provides on-demand vehicle service

India is the largest two-wheeler market. Hence, there is a huge potential for repairs and service. Yet, most of the vehicle repairs and services are done by normal mechanics. In other words, it is unorganized in the country.

Considering the things, ReadyAssist launched its on-demand vehicle services in 2019. The startup offers all kinds of repairs and services for both bikes and cars round the clock.

ReadyAssist is a Bengaluru-based startup. Vimal Singh, the co-founder of the startup is a BITS Pilani graduate.

The startup claims to have received revenue of ₹4 crores in the first year.

ReadyAssist is using a hybrid model to ensure uniformity in customer experience.

The startup partners with skilled mechanics to work as independent contractors. They consider infrastructure, competency, discipline etc. while adopting the hybrid model.

They have some onboarding mechanics. They are fixed daily wages along with incentives and allowances. Mechanics get a steady income through this system due to which they will be more loyal.

ReadyAssist started with 20 mechanics. Now, the startup has around 650 mechanics doing approximately 2,000 jobs per day.

ReadyAssist is offering its services in eight cities. It has the largest customer base in Bengaluru followed by Hyderabad.

Its services are also available in Mysore, Shivamogga, Hubli-Dharwad, Manipal, and Vijayawada.

ReadyAssist aims to provide quality services to its customers. While assigning a mechanic, the startup first understands the problem.

Then it figures out the cost. After that, it assigns the right person for the task.

The startup has both on-demand and subscription service-based business models. It also partnered with bike-sharing companies to get a constant source of revenue.

ReadyAssist plans to expand its services to 18-19 cities in the next 8-10 months.

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